10 Scotland Instagram accounts you should follow

My love affair with Scotland began way before I set foot on its beautiful lands. But a year ago I was finally able to see in person the country that enchanted me in stories and pictures. And let me tell you it is more beautiful and magical than I could ever describe in words. I will leave you to discover its many castles, lakes, mountains, cities, and ever changing weather, through the eyes of some of the best Scotland Instagram accounts.

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Since I live closer to beaches than mountains and Scotland is about 4, 170 miles from my home, Instagram is where I get my daily fix of a country that stole my heart.

As a bonus I have built relationships with amazing individuals that I treasure. I enjoy reading the stories behind the pictures and having talks with people that although are miles away make me smile daily with their stories, wit and kindness. They make me feel at home and part of a community where Scotland is simply a swipe away.

Some of them have small Instagram accounts, some of them have large Instagram accounts. Some I have been following since I started my journey on Instagram and I can proudly call friends. Others are more recent discoveries and acquaintances. But what they all have in common is a love of Scotland which shines through in their photos.

I have been known to share a picture or two of Scotland (like the one below) on Instagram, but it those who feature Scotland daily that I wish to highlight in this post.


So if you want to have a major case of Scotland wanderlust then these are 10 Instagram accounts you must follow (listed in alphabetical order on account name). I hope you enjoy seeing Scotland through their eyes as much as I do.

1.Alayne @alycoste

Based in Edinburgh, Alayne has an Instagram account with Scotland pictures from near and far. Castles, flowers, landscapes and nature are predominant.

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2.Christine Jackson @christinejacksonphotography

Christine is an American living in Aberdeenshire. She shows us the beauty of her surroundings with incredible nature and animal photos. Colors are always crisp and you will start believing there is no such thing as bad weather in Scotland.

3.Jamie Howden @howden_j

Jamie is a master of capturing sunrises, sunsets and reflections. His pictures will make you want to get up at 3 am to witness the kaleidoscope of colors that paint the skies.

4.Ian G Black @iangblack

Ian is based in Dundee and his style is moody and mysterious. He has a great mix of urban and nature photography that will convince you that a rainy day is just as beautiful as a sunny one.

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5.Ilaria Battaini @ilariabattaini

Born in Italy Ilaria has her heart in Scotland. She tells us that the first time she set foot in Scotland the passion exploded within her and everything changed. Scotland dominates her Instagram and her pictures will leave you wanting for a road trip.

6.Jason Turner @jasonjpturner

Although Jason is from Edinburgh his Instagram account is filled with the many hills and mountains that he and his wife Kirsty Turner climb together. His pictures will make you want to pull out your hiking shoes and see the country from the top.

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7.Kristy Ashton @kristyashton

Originally from Australia Kristy has a whimsical way of showing us the beauty of Scotland. She is always chasing the sun and uses light to her advantage. Her portraits and landscapes are simply magical.

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8.Lisa Paris @lisajparis

Lisa shows us daily life in Edinburgh as well as the places she explores on instameets or on her travels. Many of her pictures are taken with a phone which goes to show that all you need is a good eye to get the right picture.



9.Nicole @Nichbrand

Nature and architecture are predominant is Nicole’s Instagram Account.  She shows us the many faces of Scotland near and far. Many of the well known places are displayed as well as some hidden ones that might surprise you.

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10.Victoria Redpath @Victoriaredpath

Based in Glasgow Victoria fills her Instagram account with beautiful landscapes, an occasional selfie and her funny remarks. So if you like beauty with a side of laughter this is the account for you.


Have I convinced you to go on a Scotland Holiday? Here is a sample itinerary to help you plan An Epic Scotland Road Trip.

Scotland is a beautiful country but it is the people that really make it special.

So tell me what are your favorite Instagram accounts and how have they inspired you?

Leave me a comment below or lets get social on Instagram or Facebook.

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    1. I bet some good accounts out there that feature Croatia primarily. I would like to go there one day so maybe I will start searching them out. Share any good ones you find as well.

  1. These photos are amazing. I shared this post with my friends who live in Scotland. I have yet to visit them, but now I’m pretty motivated to make my way there sooner rather than later. Thanks for sharing these.

    1. Mary I am so glad you liked the post. Some of these amazing photographers have become friends in this past year. Scotland is full of beauty but it is its people that truly makes it special. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing with others.

    1. There is truly much talent out there but what is inspiring is not just the pictures but the kindness and sense of community. I have virtually met some amazing individuals and am happy to share their talents with the world.

  2. Such beautiful photography. I have two takaways… one, I need to book a trip immediately. And, two, I need to step up my photography game. These IG’ers certainly have refined their craft to a whole ‘nother level.

    1. They inspire me daily and give me my fix of Scotland. Such an incredible country and I highly recommend a visit. So glad you enjoyed they are all great at what they do and have love for their country and it shows.

  3. There is simply no denying the fabulous talent of these photographers. Really makes you want to spend time there and experience it all first hand. Just an amazing collection of great talent, thank you.

    1. Scotland is a country that calls to me like no other and these talented individuals give me my daily fix. Hope they inspire you to visit

  4. Scotland is such a beautiful place. I’m happy to see this post and get to experience some of it’s magic, even tho it’s thru photos. I’m thinking to go there soon, so I will pin some of the spots for my upcoming visit.

    1. You will absolutely fall in love with Scotland when you visit. It is a fascinating and beautiful country.

  5. Beautiful country Scotland and also the photgrapher makes it more beautiful. I love all those instagram accounts. I really need to book my tickets now.

  6. These photographers are showing my country so well. I will check them out on instagram. I love how well they portray my country. I take pictures in Scotland too but they are nothing like these wonderful pictures

    1. Scotland is by far my favorite country that I have visited. These people give me my daily fix of Scotland. You are lucky to live in such an amazing place and I am happy you find their work as great as I do.

  7. Holy moly! These accounts are stunning! I’ve never been to Scotland but these Instagram photos make me want to travel there next! What a great way to get a taste of home for you!

  8. These are some really special images from Scotland, and yes they do inspire me to visit. I’d love to photograph the countryside and lochs of Scotland for my own Instagram! My favourite image from the ones you have shared, I’d say it’s a tie between Christine Jackson and Ian Black.

    1. Yes they are both so talented and fantastic human beings as well. So happy to be able to introduce them and the beauty of Scotland go you.

  9. Such a great round-up of instagram accounts. All these individuals bring such a unique eye to their photography. I really did love them all, but I especially enjoyed Christine Jackson’s close-up shot. i am sure her animal photography is out of this world beautiful. I now need to travel to Scotland.

    1. Scotland is magnificent. And if you are able to go then don’t hesitate it will be an unforgettable trip. In the meantime do as I do and let others continue to inspire you.

  10. Scotland is one of the destinations in my travel bucket list. These photos and accounts are seriously inspiring some wanderlust in me. This is the first time that I’ve encountered these accounts so I am excited to check them out and see more photos!

    1. Priti – I have had the privilege to follow some of these accounts for a while now and can actually call some of these individuals friends. They do great work and love their country. Glad you like them.

  11. I have always been intrigued by the natural beauty of Scotland. The windmills, the moors, the castles with an aura of mystery all fascinate me to the core. These instagram pictures have only reinforced my dreams of Scotland.

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