A New York City Break – Two and a Half Days in the Big Apple

I grew up visiting the magnificent city of New York. My mom was born and raised in Brooklyn. Se took me many times to visit my Grandmother and my Aunt.  I consider myself lucky to have spent time visiting the many incredible museums, riding the subways, going to Broadway shows, gazing at the lights, playing in the parks and simply being surrounded by the sounds and feel of a the city that never sleeps.

I remember one of my last visits to New York like it was yesterday. It was the week before the towers fell. My husband and I rode the Staten Island Ferry. We enjoyed the beautiful New York City skyline on a perfect September day.  The skyline that unbeknownst to us would be forever changed.  So it was time, time to go back and re-experience the city.  Time to show my children the magic this city has. Time for a New York City break.

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