The 3 Best Beignets in New Orleans and Where You Can Find Them

Ahhh beignets…. This sugary concoction that is light and fluffy is a must when you are in New Orleans.  Traditionally three to an order, these deep fried pastries are served hot with mounds of powdered sugar on top.  They are associated with New Orleans as much as Mardi Gras is. But where can you find the best beignets while in NOLA?

On my recent visit I consumed my fair share of this sugary concoction, all in the name of research of course. In order to provide to you the 3 best beignets places to go to while in New Orleans. Hope you are ready for a sweet discovery.

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Back to the Past – An Afternoon at Oak Alley Plantation

When you think of southern grandeur it is easy to picture the beautiful Oak Alley Plantation. With its canopy of 28 Oak trees that form a path to the front of the “Big House” it looks like a scene straight out of Gone with the Wind. It may seem a very romantic setting. But its beauty also has a very dark past. A past that should not be hidden behind the beautiful façade. But for now let’s explore and learn more about Oak Alley and the life of those who owned it.

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A Guide to Haunted New Orleans – Discovering the Legends of America’s Most Haunted City

Haunted New Orleans and St. Louis Cathedral

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, walking through haunted New Orleans at night can feel a little spooky. We all know that New Orleans is the home of Mardi Gras, cajun food and jazz. But the Cresent City also has a dark side in its history which has made it notorious for its Legends and Paranormal Activity.

You can certainly explore the most haunted city in the United States on your own.  However, there is no better way to learn the history and dark stories that color the Big Easy than to take one of the famous French Quarter Ghost Tours. Come with me and let’s explore Haunted New Orleans.

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