The Faroe Islands – A Hidden Treasure of Unspoiled Landscapes

Funningur in the Faroe Islands

The small archipelago of the Faroe Islands is located between Scotland and Iceland.  And unlike Iceland, the Faroes still remain a hidden treasure. Comprised of 18 islands and owned by Denmark, the Faroes are a wonderland of unspoiled landscapes, soaring cliffs, roaring waterfalls and quiet villages.

Being somewhat remote many have not yet ventured out to explore these magnificent lands. However, I do not expect the raw beauty of the Faroes to be unnoticed much longer. It is becoming much more accessible, and with accessibility tourism will start to blossom.

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ElDorado Canyon – Striking Gold in Vegas

ElDorado Canyon

You can try your luck in Vegas in any of their casinos or you can strike gold in the heart of ElDorado Canyon. Teachatticup mine is in a small town near Lake Mohave and just 45 minutes from the strip. Here you can combine an adrenaline filled adventure with the exploration of one of the richest goldmines ever discovered in Nevada. An off strip adventure that you will remember far longer than a drunken night in Vegas and will cost you far less as well.

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