City Guide: London calling one perfect day in the city

When I started planning my trip to Scotland I decided to add a stopover in London to give my family a taste of this fantastic city.  Our stop in London was for less than 36 hrs. and to be fair that is not nearly enough time to see all this city has to offer. You can probably spend a full year in London and not see it all.  However I needed to maximize my time and give my family a perfect London day.  If like me you are short on time and find yourself in this incredible city here is a list of ideas to help you plan your perfect day in London.

Take a walking tour

Walking tours are great as they give you a good orientation of the city and you get to see many of the highlights in a condensed amount of time. You have many options for great walking tours in London. It all depends on what you want to see and do and what your budget will allow. I chose Free London Walking Tours and was so glad I did. The guide was knowledgeable and funny, and most importantly we benefited from his experience as we avoided the big crowds.  He knew exactly where we should be and when to get the best views of the changing of the guard while avoiding all the crowds.  

P.S: Please tip your tour guide especially if you are on a free tour this is how they make their living.

Changing of the Guards in London

 Changing of the Guard

Stroll through a park

London has some amazing green spaces. And spending some time in one of the beautiful parks around the city is a great way to spend an hour or two.  You can rent boats, bikes, take a stroll, feed the birds, have a picnic, enjoy some art and even some live music.

Some friendly locals shared their bird seeds with us and gave my daughter and husband a memory they will treasure forever.

Feeding the Birds in Hyde Park

Feeding Birds


Here are some great parks you can choose to visit:

St. James Park

In the heart of London and covers 58 acres.  Many ceremonial parades and national celebrations are held here.

St James Park

Hyde Park

There is something for everyone at this park.  It is centrally located with plenty of activities for the entire family.  Some highlights are the Diana Memorial, the Serpentine Bridge and the joy of life fountain.


Hyde Park

Kensington Gardens

This park covers 275 acres and is home to Kensington Palace.  This is one of my favorite parks with the beautiful Italian gardens, Albert Memorial, the stunning Serpentine Gallery and the cute Peter Pan statue to keep you a kid at heart.

Kensignton Gardens
Italian Gardens


Albert Memorial


View of Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park
Serpentine Gallery


Enjoy the food or shopping at a Market

Markets in London are not to be missed. My 2 favorites are Borough Market and Camden Market.

Borough Market

For food come to the Borough Market. You will find over 100 stalls with gourmet food from around the world.  Many of them give out samples. They have full market days and limited market days. For a list of dates and times check out their website here.

borough market in London

Camden Market

Camden Market has around 200 stalls filled with jewelry, fashion wear, accessories and much more. There is definitely something for everyone at this market. Market is open Monday to Sunday from 9:30 am – 6:00 pm

camden market

Get some culture

Most of the museums in London are free and they are a good way to keep out of the sun or the rain. If you like art then a visit to the National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery or Tate Modern is in order. These museums display some of the greatest art treasures in the world. Some other good museums are the Natural History Museum, Science Museum and The British Museum.  There really is a museum for everyone and you can check out a more comprehensive list here.

Tate Modern

Indulge in an afternoon tea

Nothing is more representative of England to me than the tradition of afternoon tea. There is no lack of establishments to enjoy this tradition in.  From the super upscale at the Ritz or the Savoy to the more laid back options like an afternoon tea bus tour, there is surely something for everyone. This is the quintessential London activity and a tradition you will quickly want to adopt as your own.

We selected The Royal Horseguards which was perfect for a family with children. They had a special child tea option with selections designed for the younger palette and a reduced rate.  The food was plentiful and delicious and the service was impeccable. As far as the tea goes I highly recommend their signature Strawberries and Cream tea. This is one of the best teas I have ever had.

 Afternoon tea at the Royal Horseguards in London

The beautiful tea set

Afternoon Tea at The Royal Horseguards

Afternoon tea at the Royal Horseguards


Take in the views

London has some spectacular views. Here are a few places you can chose from to get a view of the city from above:

London eye

The capsules accommodate up to 25 passengers and the ride lasts about 30 min.  Many famous landmarks are clearly visible, including The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral. On a clear day you can see as far as forty kilometers (25 miles).


The London Eye views


Top of St. Paul’s Cathedral

The top of the dome  reaches a height of 366 feet and you can climb 560 steps along three galleries all the way to the top of the dome (you can often get 2 for 1 tickets with a national rail ticket).


The shard

The shard is a modern glass skyscraper in London.  The top floors are home to the “View from the Shard”, an observation deck offering 360 degree views of the city.  It is a bit expensive to go up for just the view but you can always have a drink at one of the restaurants and enjoy the view from there.

Views from the Shard


Sky garden

Sky garden offers views of the city from 155 feet up. This is the perfect location for a free view of London.  Just make sure to book tickets a few months in advance as they are limited.


See a show

Musicals, comedy, concerts, kids shows, there is certainly something for you if you wish to partake in a show.  Check out what is playing and where it is playing  here.

London Shakespeare Theater
Shakespeare Theater


Go shopping

No mater your budget London has you covered.  From big box stores on Oxford Street, well known department stores like Harrods or small boutique shops on Brick Lane, London has it all.  Some other popular shopping areas are Convent Garden and Piccadilly Circus.  If you have money to spend you will find a place to spend it.

Oxford Street

harrods department store

See the icons

Don’t leave London without seeing some of it’s icons.

Tower of London

This is a historic royal palace most famous for its grim reputation of torture and death.  You can tour this amazing place and see the priceless Crown Jewels.

Did you know that the people who guard the Tower are called Yeomen Warders (also known as Beefeaters) and they live within these walls?

Tower of London

Tower of London

The Houses of Parliament/ The Palace of Westminster

Classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site The Palace of Westminster is where the two Houses of Parliament (House of Lords and House of Commons) meet to conduct their business.  The Palace along with the clock tower are one of the most visited tourist attractions in London.

Palace of Westminster

Big Ben

The houses of Parliament’s iconic clock tower is one of London’s most famous landmarks and no visit to London is complete without seeing it.  Just so you are well informed Big Ben is actually the bell that is inside the clock tower, the clock tower itself is called Elizabeth Tower.

Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

The beautiful Gothic abbey sits just to the west of the Palace of Westminster.  It is one of the UK’s most notable religious buildings and it is the place where traditionally the British monarchs have been crowned and buried.  You can see an online tour of the abbey here.

Westminister Abbey

Tower Bridge

This is the world recognized bridge that crosses the river Thames and has become an iconic symbol of London.  You can freely cross the bridge on the pedestrian walkway or by car. And if you wish to step inside and experience the glass floor you can purchase your tickets here.   For bridge lift times click here.



Buckingham Palace

This is the London Residence of the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom and it is one of the worlds few remaining working royal palaces.  You are able to tour the inside of the palace and you can see the admission times and costs here.   There is much to see inside so if you will be touring I suggest you allow at least 2 hrs to this activity.  Many people gather here to see the changing of the guard but it is a crowded place to view it.  I recommend taking one of the walking tours that will take you to better viewing points without the crowds.

Buckingham Palace in London

Trafalgar square

This square is surrounded by many museums and galleries and is in part the heart of the city.  Originally this square was called Charing Cross after a memorial cross that was on the square.  Today the nearby tube station still bears this name.

 Trafalgar Square

Be a kid again

I like to indulge the kid in me and when I visited London I made sure to visit Kings Cross station to see the famous Harry Potter platform 9 ¾ .  I also really loved visiting Neals Yard with its colorful streets and shops that just made me feel happy, young and carefree.  You may also want to feed your sweet tooth at the largest sweet shop – M&M’s world.  And for some top children’s museums visit the Museum of Childhood or the London Transport Museum.

 Neals Yard


Kings Cross PLatform 9 3/4

Now that you have an idea of what to do you will need to know how to get to it all:



London is a great walking city and in most cases I prefer to walk in order not to miss out on what the city has to offer.  It is amazing to see all the different architecture around the city and this can be missed if you just stay underground.

Canada Gate
The Canada Gate

Ride the Tube

Do yourself a favor and get an oyster card.  Not only will you save money but you can use it on many forms of transport like the tube, bus, trams and boats making transport a breeze.  And while I do not recommend spending your entire time traveling on the tube as you will miss out on much the city has to offer above ground you should certainly use the tube at least once.

Tube Station

Kings Cross

Hail a Cab

Cab fares can add up quickly, there is a minimum charge of £2.40 and the rest of the fare is based on distance and time.  Many black cabs accept payment by credit card or debit card but always be sure to check with the driver before the trip starts.

Black cab in London

Cruise down the river

A boat trip along the Thames provides a great way to get around and is a nice vantage point to see the city from.

Hop on a Bus

As a great alternative to the hop on hop off tour buses you can ride a real double decker bus for a fraction of the cost. For only $1.50 a ride you can see many if not all of London’s top sights. Check out some of the best routs here.  


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London Calling

Have you been to London? What is your favorite thing to do in this city? Drop me a note in the comments below or let’s get social on Instagram or Facebook.


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  1. Great article Joella. I’m lucky in that London is so easy for me to get to as it’s only a one hour flight and Belfast City Airport is 15 minutes from my house. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been and I still find somewhere new each time I go.

    1. Hi Nigel – so nice of you to stop by my blog and take a read. It must be so great to have access to so many amazing cities. I am usually more of a country girl but London is pretty cool. I guess if you go for longer periods or if you can return more frequently then you can explore some of the less “touristy” areas. Please feel free to share with all of us your favorites so we can explore them when we return. Happy Roving!!!

  2. Very informative article with great photos Joella! How did you manage to see all that in 36 hours? Wow that’s impressive! High tea is also one of my favorite things to do in London, as well exploring the outdoor markets. There are so many great things to do it’s hard to pick just a few.

    1. I did not manage to see all of it in 36 hrs. Some things I only visited briefly and others I literally just passed by. I did not get a chance to go inside many of the museums on this trip. I just wanted to create a list from where each person could grab the things they liked best to make their perfect day. We all have different likes and dislikes and my perfect day will certainly be different than yours. But there are certainly enough options in London to customize a day that would be perfect for each one of us.

    1. Make sure to check out the days and times they are open we got to the market a bit late so missed out on some of the great food.

    1. You can certainly spend a great deal of time in that museum. I am the only museum lover in my family so I tend to visit when alone. When I travel with them we may catch a small exhibit but we spend the majority of our time outdoors.

  3. Thanks for a nice post. I recently did a 24 hour in London post and the only thing I had on mine was the British Museum. It is one of the best in the world and I love it.
    The only other thing that we love to do in London is to go to the theater district and see a good play that is in our budget.

    1. Yes the museum is fantastic I did not go in it this time because my traveling partner is not a museum fan and I had to compromise. But I agree it is highly recommended. Thanks for the input.

  4. Just to be clear there is no way you could do all this in one day but it’s a great list of things you could do. London is more compact than people think but if you only have a day you will need to plan to avoid travelling for most of it. Personally if I had just one day I would go to Buckingham palace, Westminster and the shard for iconic views

    1. Lol I did not claim I did all of it in one day I said it was a list of great places and things to chose from to plan your perfect day. I was there for about 36 hrs and actually accomplished much on the list but not all. I can’t wait to go back to experience more.

  5. Great way to spend a day 🙂 London is one of my favorite cities in the world, and I agree that everyone should take a walking tour – I’ve jumped in on at least one each time I go back – it’s worthwhile just for the history of the city you learn along the way 🙂

    1. Yes agreed hearing the history from a knowledgeable guide is well worth it. Let me know which walking tours you liked best so I can check them out next time.

  6. i have been to london 2 times already but reading your post i feel like i still haven’t seen it all. luck yme i ll be back in december so i will put a few things on my list that i have to see this time 🙂

    1. I bet London during the Holiday will be beautiful. You will have to let me know what you see and do and what you liked the best so hopefully if one day I g in December I will know what to do.

  7. I love this post, it really gets me excited to go to London again. I went once but I didn’t have enough time to really explore. I don’t know how you got all of that done in one day. I’d love to check out Camden Market.

    1. Lol I did not do every single thing but yes I accomplished a lot in the day and a half I was there. If I can help with planing let me know I enjoy to plan.

  8. WOWO looks like a great day!! My husband would absolutely never want to feed the pigeons but the rest of it looks like the best trip ever. That’s what I’d be in to.

    1. These were the cleanest pigeons I had ever seen and the little green birds were so cute. It was a fun thing for my husband and daughter to do together and it was not planned. Very unexpected that the local included us in the activity while we were walking through the park.

  9. That looks like a great day in London – I think an afternoon tea would be top of my list too! And I had no idea you could go to Kings Cross and make like Harry through the wall, how cool is that?!?

    1. It is a long line to take the picture but it was well worth it to see the smile on my girls faces. Tea in London is something everyone should do at least once in their life. Happy Roving!!!

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