Miami – An afternoon in Wynwood

Some days you just have to play tourist for the day and enjoy the sites that your own city has to offer.  Today was one of those days. So with exploration in mind and a beautiful sunny day we decided to head to Miami.  When most think of Miami they probably think of palm trees, beaches and South Beach.  But the Miami we went to explore is filled with art -urban graffiti & street art.  It was incredible to see how some of the world greatest artists working on graffiti have converged to create street art in Wynwood.

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar

Since we arrived at noon and we were all a bit hungry we headed to Wynwood Kitchen and Bar for some grub. This restaurant which is directly next door to Wynwood walls has an eclectic menu of mostly tapas with a Latin influenced global cuisine.  The vibe of the restaurant is artsy and hip, it has some creative drinks and the food which was moderately priced was full of flavor.

Wynwood kitchen & bar
Wynwood kitchen & bar


Inside Wynwood Kitchen and Bar
Inside Wynwood Kitchen and Bar
Food at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar
Food at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar

Wynwood Kitchen and Bar is not your only option, as a matter of fact the area seems to be a foodies dream with a great variety of places to grab a bite or a drink.  If you need to recharge a stop at Panther Coffee where they roast their own beans is a must.

Panther Coffee
Panther Coffee
Panther Coffee Roasts its own coffee daily
Panther Coffee Roasts its own coffee daily

With our bellies full it was time for a walk through Wynwood Walls – here is the walk in pictures.

Wynwood Walls


Wynwood Walls


Wynwood Doors







Outside of Wynwood walls, the streets of Wynwood are also full of graffiti.  Here is some of the art you will encounter on the streets.

So next time you are in Miami take a break from the surf and sand and come experience some art and great food in Wynwood.

Happy Roving!!!

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  1. I absolutely love street art…amazing pictures on this post! One of the pics you posted looks remarkably like a mural I saw in Amsterdam. If you get the chance, check out Lisbon, which has some of the best street art I’ve ever seen.

    1. Thank you for the kind comments it was my first time using my GoPro so I had no idea how the pictures would come out. Lisbon is on my list of must visit places but no idea when I will actually get there. Hmmm… which mural looks like the one you saw in Amsterdam? I wonder if it was done by the same artist?

    1. Small world – literally. So happy to now know the name. I know that Wynwood has artists from all over the world come and showcase their art there and it changes periodically.

  2. I’m really loving the awesome street art that’s popping up all over the place. It seems to be an ever growing trend all over the world 🙂
    Exploring what’s in your own back yard is so important, more often than not people don’t even know what their own city has to offer! We were in Miami a few years back but had atrocious weather so weren’t able to do a lot of exploring unfortunately. Hopefully we’ll get another opportunity to go back and check it out properly.

    1. The street art seems to be everywhere. You can check out my friend Andrew’s blog he has several examples from all over the world Sorry the weather did not cooperate when you came to Miami. For a State that is called the Sunshine State it does rain quite a bit. Maybe next time you will have more luck and get to explore some more. I know I am trying to get out there more and show my girls all there is to see in this world we live in.

  3. Looks like so much fun. I have been following some street artists for a decade and I really admire their acceptance of the temporary nature of their art. I am not sure I could let go of something that I put so much effort into so easily. Winwood looks like a great day out and apart from the art that octopus looks delicious!

    1. Yes that must be hard as an artist to see your hard work just gone but for me it is enjoyable to come out and see the different ones they have. Unfortunately the area seems to have some people being diagnosed with Zika at the moment so until this gets under control I have a feeling the tourism there will stop for a while. But yes it is a great day out and the local eateries are very good.

  4. Pretty cool place. Question: what kind of clientele are usually drawn here? Mostly families or younger kids or older folks? The art is absolutely great. I wonder if anyone was paid to do these?

    1. It has become a trendy hip area and you see different clientele at different times of the day. more families during the day but still lots of young adults. And you see the collage aged and young adults mostly at night as they have a lively bar and music scene now.

  5. I wish I lived close to Wynwood, as you know I’m street art obsessed:) I need to go back to actually see Wynwood Walls not just the surrounding area!

    1. If you come back we will definitely go together we could have so much fun. And they have amazing restaurants there as well. Would love to show you around.

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