Not your typical girls weekend in Nashville

Every girl needs to get away with “just the girls” for a few days. It does not need to be anything elaborate or expensive, just a few days to connect and recharge.  Most people I know do a “girls weekend” with just a small group of friends who they have probably known in person for most of their life and with whom they have many things in common.  Not me. My girls trip involves a group of about 90 women, from different states and different backgrounds. The only thing we all have in common is that we were pregnant together about 12 years ago.  And now we try to meet (as many of us as we can) once a year for a girls trip.


People tell me I am crazy. How do I get together with a bunch of women I do not even know in person for a weekend getaway? Well, I may not know most of these women in person but this does not mean I do not know them. Our bond is strong, built over the years of shared joys and heartaches. I know some of these women better than people I grew up with, and when we meet it is like meeting a long lost sister, or a friend you have known forever but have not seen in a long time.  

If you have never experienced a girls weekend then you might be wondering why have one?  I see it this way: Time with my family is fun. Time alone with my partner is incredible. Time alone with a book and a nice cup of tea is relaxing. But time alone with the girls – priceless. There is no judgement, there is honesty, girl talk, vulnerability, laughter, silliness, and definitely lots of drinking and fun. The best part is we reconnect and have new memories and then return to our lives recharged.


So how did a group of 90+ pull together a weekend getaway? It is not easy but it is well worth it.  We put it to a vote. First we decide on best dates, then we decide on best location. And after both are decided and we have a confirmed number of who is attending, we put our heads together to find a place that fits all of us and that we can all afford.  This last year the location winner was Nashville. Ten of us attended, some of us flew in and some of us drove up to 12 hrs to be there.  And while not everyone was able to join everyone was there in spirit and updates and pictures were sent to all via Facebook.

Girls weeken in Nashville


The house we rented was just outside Nashville in a small town called Franklin. It was surrounded by woods and trails that made the perfect setting for early morning hiking and walks. Trust me, this little bit of exercise was needed after all the food and drink we consumed. I had at least one partner each morning that joined me on my walks and/or runs around the neighboring trails. It was a great way to start my day.

So what did we do? We ate, we shopped, we partied, and we bonded.  Here is a list of some of the things we did:



Good eats

For lunch or Dinner you cannot go wrong with either Grays on Main or 55 South (we tried both).  Both have an eclectic menu of southern and/or Cajun fare, great craft drinks and fantastic atmosphere.  For breakfast or a sweet treat head to Maridees Bakery and Restaurant and if it is a morning cup of Joe or an afternoon pick me upper there is no better than the Frothy Monkey. We truly enjoyed the food in Franklin and I am sure you will too.



We were lucky to be in Franklin during one of their festivals- Main Street Festival. They had over 200 vendors, arts and crafts, children’s activities, live music and plenty of food. It was definitely a good time.  But even if there is no festival in sight just walking down Main Street and popping in and out of the shops is so much fun and I guarantee you will find something unique to take home for you or your loved ones.


IMG_3126Night Life

We decided we had to go out and enjoy the Nashville night life and music scene. We walked around downtown and grabbed a bite to eat at Acme Feed & Seed and then stayed for a bit to listen to some music.  Then we walked around some more and went in and out of different bars and night clubs just enjoying a few drinks and the locals play some good music.  We had no agenda other than be together and have some fun, and that is exactly what we did.

Are you considering a girls weekend? Nashville will not disappoint and if you have never been to Franklin then take a little side trip and go see it. It is well worth it.  This little town is full of southern charm, great little shops, and some amazing food.  It could not have been more perfect for this girl’s weekend.



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Nashville - not your typical girls weekend

Where are you planning your girl’s weekend? I would love to know so please leave me a comment below we may consider this location for our next getaway.

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