Ultimate Spa Escape at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Miami has many incredible hotels with amazing Spas including the Carillon. And there is no better time than Spa month to try some of the best of the best at incredible deals. It is difficult to choose amongst the amazing 4 and 5 star Spas that participate in this event. But if you want the ultimate spa escape then I can whole hardily recommend the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort.

The Carillon is a luxury ocean front resort located on the beautiful Miami Beach. With 70,000 square feet of integrated medical wellness the Carillon offers 9 different hot and cold therapies, 4 dining venues, adult and family pools, and more than 200 fitness classes per week. When you book a treatment you get so much more than just the massage or facial. You get to use the entire facilities. This makes this Spa a fantastic value. Read along to see for yourself why the Carillon Spa is the ultimate spa escape.

A Day at The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Booking Process

Booking a treatment at Carillon is easy. You have the options to book online through their website or over the phone. Either way you can expect to receive a confirmation via email. Not only do they confirm basics like time, date, cost, and type of service but they send a welcoming message. The message describes the complimentary thermal experiences you will receive as part of booking a Spa service.

Lobby entrance at The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Checking In

Parking is Valet only.  Tip: Validate your parking ticket at the Spa or at a restaurant to reduce your payment to $10.

Then enter the lobby and take the elevator to the 4th floor and check in at the Spa desk.

Spa Lobby w/ocean views and a rock climbing wall

After you pay for your service it is time for a tour of the facilities. The guide provides you with a resort card and a comfortable robe and slippers.

The Locker and Vanity Area

The lockers are spacious and the vanity area is stocked with essentials. Carillon provides shampoo, conditioner, soap, &lotion for your shower.

Lockers at Carillon

Additionally they have shaving cream, razors, brushes, deodorant, hair products, hair dryers and more. They even have a special machine you can use to dry your bathing suit.

Vanity at Carillon
Vanity area

All around you will find fruit infused water and fresh fruit to consume. And the staff constantly walks around providing you with the Spa’s special mineral water and drink of the day.


Hydrospa and Heated Loungers

The Spa

The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is a luxury spa like no other. At the heart of the spa is one of the country’s largest European Inspired Thermal Experiences. It has 9 areas of thermos (hot) and cryo (cold) therapies for cleansing and aiding in relaxation before and after treatments. I have listed each one below and grouped them by Hot vs Cold.

1. Foot Spa

The foot spacing be filled with hot or cold water.  Sit and relax while the tub fills with water and the jets produce bubbles to massage your tired feet. Honestly this was my least favorite part. At first I could not get the water temperature to heat. And I do not think the pressure was sufficient to actually feel the massage.

 2.Crystal Steam Room

Probably my favorite room. The crystal steam room is the perfect place to release tension. It uses aromatherapy, colored light, and a large clear quartz crystal to purify and aid you in relaxation. A steam room increases the body metabolism, eliminates toxins and cleanses the skin. Helps relieve asthma, allergies and arthritis and boosts the immune system.

3.Finnish Sauna

A traditional dry heat sauna it is considered a place for mental and physical cleansing. It helps flush toxins from your system as it relaxes the muscles and soothes aches and pains.

4.Herbal Laconium

This is an herbal infused humid and warm ceramic room. It has heated nitches you can sit in while gazing at the starlit ceiling. It is a gentler heat than the sauna and less humidity than the steam room.


Relax and release tension as your body is massaged by the jets. The water is heated an an optimal temperature to help aid in muscle relaxation.

6.Thermal Heated Loungers

Lounging chairs where you can lay down while it heats your. A great place to relax in between the other thermal experiences.

7.Atlantic Spa

The Atlantic spa is located on the rooftop and has amazing views of the ocean. This hydro-spa has contoured seats with small river pebbles that act as pressure point relief. Not sure which is better the view or the treatment.

8.Experiential Rains

This is a multi-sensory cooling space with 3 different shower experiences. You can select from: Atlantic Storm, Caribbean Monsoon and Polar Mist. My favorite was the Caribbean Monsoon. And this was a perfect place to rinse off and cool off after any of the hot treatments.


With three Artic mist experiences it is the only igloo in Miami. It helps cool the body between heat treatments to aid in improving your circulation. Out of the 3 aromatherapy options (menthol, mint, and eucalyptus) only the eucalyptus was working. And the cooling mist did not seem to be working properly either. Therefore, I much preferred the Experiential Rains mentioned above. If the igloo would have been working better I think it would have been a unique and pleasant experience.

The Pools and Beach

As part of a spa service the Carillon lets you utilize all the pools in the resort.

Family Pool area
Family friendly pool

The family friendly area which has a pool and a hot tub, is located on the ground level near the beach.  The staff by the family pool is very attentive offering to open umbrellas and get you drinks from the nearby bar.

Rooftop adult only pool

The adult only pool area is located on the rooftop with amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean. There is a portion of the pool roped off for those who wish to swim laps.

Rooftop pool area

The Atlantic spa I described above is also in this area. There are plenty of lounge chairs surrounding the pool and umbrellas and shade available upon request.

Atlantic Spa


Atlantic Spa at Carillon


The beautiful sands of Miami Beach as well as the Atlantic Ocean are just steps away. Grab a drink and an umbrella and spend some time relaxing and working on nothing else but your tan.

Beach and lounge chairs at the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort



The resort has 4 dinning venues Thyme, Carillon Lounge, The Cabana and the Juice bar.

I ate at Thyme a casually elegant restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating. It has a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu changes seasonally. And the quality and taste is exceptional.

I ordered a white Ginger tea ($5) and a Salad that had mango and 3 large shrimp ($21). The bread that accompanied the meal was delicious if not healthy and the service was exceptional. Overall it was a great experience. Therefore, I would not hesitate to recommend the venue for lunch while you are at the Spa.

Courtyard outside the Thyme Restaurant

Health and Fitness

If you are looking for more than a spa treatment then you have come to the right place as Carillon has a focus on health and wellbeing. Carillon has a staff of medical professionals, nutritionists, energy healers and even Chinese medicine.
For your Fitness needs the Carillon offers more than 200 fitness classes per week. With some of the most popular ones being: Yoga, Barre, Cycling, Pilates Mat, Boot Camps, TRX, Aquatics, Dance, Rock Wall and more. If you are interested in participating you can check the boards in the lobby for up to date daily schedules.

Views from Restaurant


Some of the experiences were not working as they should. However, at the end of the day I was relaxed and smiling from ear to ear. All my worries forgotten. I felt relaxed, rejuvenated and recharged. And the good feelings even lasted through my return to work the next day. The Carillon provides great value for money especially during Miami Spa Month. Therefore, The Carillon Miami Wellness Resort has earned the RovingJo stamp of approval.

Come as you are and leave as you have never been. – Carillon brochure

If you want to unplug and unwind, be good to your body, mind, and soul. And if you want to do it all in the lap of luxury, then the Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is the place to be. And there is no better time than during Miami Spa month when you can book a $165 50 min treatment for $109 and enjoy all the extras at no cost at all.

Another great luxury Spa also participating in the Miami Spa month is the Acqualina Resort and Spa.  You can read all about that experience here. 

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Have you visited the Carillon Spa? Do you have a favorite Spa you would recommend? Would love to hear from you. Drop me a note in the comments or let’s get social on Instagram or Facebook.

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  1. A I told you I was there a few years ago but didn’t go or do as much as you. I wonder if it had all those pools at the time

    1. yes they did. They have not really changed much since they rebranded from Canyon Ranch to Carillon Wellness Spa. It is a great spa but they do need to fix a few minor things.

  2. I’ve never been to a spa resort. Heck, I’ve never been to a spa even for a couple of hours, but this post makes me think I would like to go! I always thought it was too much money to just pamper myself, but maybe I should give it a try. Great post!

    1. It can be very expensive but during the months of July and August here in Miami they have great specials at some of the top spas in the area. It is definitely worth it if you are here during that time.

  3. Oh, wow! This place looks like a dream! I’ve only been to one large spa resort before, but this looks heads and shoulders above it! I love that there are so many options to choose from to be pampered! And thanks for the tip on validation. I always forget!

  4. You had a great time there. The resort looks very nice too. Seeing you relaxing at the Atlantis Spa makes me thinking of having a spa break right away.

  5. what a lovely property. We hardly have such huge spa here in India. Your post has certainly made it easier on what to expect at this spa centre ..with your pictures and details.
    This is exactly what one needs on a vacation!

  6. Everyone can benefit from a day in a wellness area. The hydrospa is where you will find us for hours on end! The showers are one of my favorite things to experience, especially the monsoon!

  7. I can see why the Atlantic Spa was your favorite. I’m in need of a massage and would love to lounge on those pebbles and get massaged by the jets. Great tip on how to reduce the valet parking fees!

  8. I went to college in Miami but I didn’t get to experience all of the tourist activities when I lived there. Now, whenever I visit my friends have me all over the place so I don’t get to just relax. This would definitely be appreciated.

  9. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort’s location is simply stunning. I loved the way they have offered Spa Treatments. I am quite surprised by the Finnish Sauna option in Miami. It seems like that their spa treatments are slightly inspired by artic circles. Superb post.

  10. Wow that Atlantic spa and thermal heated loungers are calling my name!! What a great review Joella! Sounds like a perfect place for me when I come visit you right?! Would love to make that happen next year spring.. Xxx Naomi

  11. This looks like the most amazing wellness getaway ever. I have never been on a proper spa resort. The hydraspa sounds amazing :)I would definitely make the most out of the stay and try a few treatments 🙂 I could need a stay like this right now xD

    1. It is so rejuvenating to spend some time day. You leave relaxed and feeling like a new person. It was worth every penny. And Spa month is the best time to go to take advantage of the great deals.

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