Black Canyon – Kayaking in a Vegas Oasis

Black Canyon and Hoover Dam in the Colorado River

If you are a nature and adventure lover you may think that Vegas is not the place for you. But I want to show you a hidden oasis located just under an hour away from the strip.  A place so much cooler than any hotel pool. Get ready for the best adventure you will have in Vegas as I take you Kayaking through the Black Canyon with Blazin’ Paddles. I will be showing you some hidden trails, caves and hot springs that you can only get to by being on the river.

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Laura Plantation – A Creole Plantation

Laura Plantation a Creole Plantation

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and touted as one of the best Plantation tours in the area, Laura Plantation is a must when visiting New Orleans. What makes this creole plantation so special is the focus on its people. You will go beyond the explanation of the main house and will be transported to the past. At Laura Plantation you will hear the compelling accounts of the charming and tragic lives of those who lived there, both the free and the enslaved.

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