Death Valley in a Day – Top 10 Sites to Visit

Badwater basin in Death Valley

Visiting Death Valley is like landing on another planet.  A planet that is filled with extremes.  Death Valley is the driest, hottest and lowest of the National Parks in the United States. However, despite its name, if you are well prepared, not only will you survive, but you will witness amazing scenery.

Located just 2 hours west of Las Vegas, Death Valley makes for a fantastic day trip. And if planned right you can see 10 incredible sites all in one day and live to tell the tale.  So follow my itinerary below to discover ghost towns, sand dunes, canyons, natural arches, salt flats, badlands and more.

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One Perfect Day in Skye

Isle of Skye - The Quiraing

The Isle of Skye has some of the most dramatic and scenic landscapes in Scotland. Rugged sea cliffs, roaring waterfalls, enchanting castles, and epic mountains and glens provide for an amazing road trip.

With only one day at your disposal in the Isle of Skye the Trotternish Loop should be the focal point of your explorations.  This area of Skye contains some of the most extraordinary scenery. So if your time is limited you will still be able to experience some of the best of Skye.  And because it is all within close proximity to each other it can be accomplished in one day.

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Best Underrated Destinations to Visit as Selected by Travel Bloggers

Traveling has always been one of my favorite things to do. Exploring new places, experiencing the culture, food and meeting the people. All of it is thrilling to me.  But one thing I have never been a fan of is crowds. And many of the most popular destinations, while amazing, tend to be very crowded. So I am always looking for underrated destinations to visit.

What do I mean by underrated destinations? These are places that are incredible to visit but are a bit more off the beaten path. That receive many less visitors a year than popular places like Paris with close to 20 million visiting yearly.

So I asked a few of my travel blogger friends to share their favorite underrated destinations and why you should visit them. So if you like to travel and see amazing places but would rather avoid the masses here are 13 underrated destinations (in no particular order) that you should visit as recommended by travel bloggers:

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The Faroe Islands – A Hidden Treasure of Unspoiled Landscapes

Funningur in the Faroe Islands

The small archipelago of the Faroe Islands is located between Scotland and Iceland.  And unlike Iceland, the Faroes still remain a hidden treasure. Comprised of 18 islands and owned by Denmark, the Faroes are a wonderland of unspoiled landscapes, soaring cliffs, roaring waterfalls and quiet villages.

Being somewhat remote many have not yet ventured out to explore these magnificent lands. However, I do not expect the raw beauty of the Faroes to be unnoticed much longer. It is becoming much more accessible, and with accessibility tourism will start to blossom.

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ElDorado Canyon – Striking Gold in Vegas

ElDorado Canyon

You can try your luck in Vegas in any of their casinos or you can strike gold in the heart of ElDorado Canyon. Teachatticup mine is in a small town near Lake Mohave and just 45 minutes from the strip. Here you can combine an adrenaline filled adventure with the exploration of one of the richest goldmines ever discovered in Nevada. An off strip adventure that you will remember far longer than a drunken night in Vegas and will cost you far less as well.

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Black Canyon – Kayaking in a Vegas Oasis

Black Canyon and Hoover Dam in the Colorado River

If you are a nature and adventure lover you may think that Vegas is not the place for you. But I want to show you a hidden oasis located just under an hour away from the strip.  A place so much cooler than any hotel pool. Get ready for the best adventure you will have in Vegas as I take you Kayaking through the Black Canyon with Blazin’ Paddles. I will be showing you some hidden trails, caves and hot springs that you can only get to by being on the river.

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Laura Plantation – A Creole Plantation

Laura Plantation a Creole Plantation

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and touted as one of the best Plantation tours in the area, Laura Plantation is a must when visiting New Orleans. What makes this creole plantation so special is the focus on its people. You will go beyond the explanation of the main house and will be transported to the past. At Laura Plantation you will hear the compelling accounts of the charming and tragic lives of those who lived there, both the free and the enslaved.

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The 3 Best Beignets in New Orleans and Where You Can Find Them

Ahhh beignets…. This sugary concoction that is light and fluffy is a must when you are in New Orleans.  Traditionally three to an order, these deep fried pastries are served hot with mounds of powdered sugar on top.  They are associated with New Orleans as much as Mardi Gras is. But where can you find the best beignets while in NOLA?

On my recent visit I consumed my fair share of this sugary concoction, all in the name of research of course. In order to provide to you the 3 best beignets places to go to while in New Orleans. Hope you are ready for a sweet discovery.

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Back to the Past – An Afternoon at Oak Alley Plantation

When you think of southern grandeur it is easy to picture the beautiful Oak Alley Plantation. With its canopy of 28 Oak trees that form a path to the front of the “Big House” it looks like a scene straight out of Gone with the Wind. It may seem a very romantic setting. But its beauty also has a very dark past. A past that should not be hidden behind the beautiful façade. But for now let’s explore and learn more about Oak Alley and the life of those who owned it.

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