The 3 Best Beignets in New Orleans and Where You Can Find Them

Ahhh beignets…. This sugary concoction that is light and fluffy is a must when you are in New Orleans.  Traditionally three to an order, these deep fried pastries are served hot with mounds of powdered sugar on top.  They are associated with New Orleans as much as Mardi Gras is. But where can you find the best beignets while in NOLA?

On my recent visit I consumed my fair share of this sugary concoction, all in the name of research of course. In order to provide to you the 3 best beignets places to go to while in New Orleans. Hope you are ready for a sweet discovery.

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Beignets are usually served three to an order and traditionally they are consumed with a café au lait.  This is a mixture of half coffee with half hot milk.  The coffee usually has chicory in it which gives its distinct New Orleans flavor (honestly not my favorite coffee but I think that is the Italian in me complaining). But we all came here to read about the best beignets in NOLA not about the coffee so I will get right to it.

Café Du Monde (800 Decatur Street)

There are several locations around the city but this one is the original. Located across the street from Jackson Square I do not think any other location is as well-known as this one. And many claim it has the best beignets in the crescent city.

Patio at Cafe Du Monde
Patio at Cafe Du Monde

Weather they are the best beignets or not, for me nothing beats the charm and tradition of sitting on their patio under their green and white awning enjoying some fresh warm beignets dunked in café au lait. The only draw back is that Cafe Du Monde is also the busiest of all locations so plan wisely. Either come early or pack your patience.

TIP – Café Du Monde is cash only so be prepared. They are also open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.


Cafe Beignet on Royal Street
Cafe Beignet on Royal Street

Café Beignet (311 Bourbon Street) or (334 B Royal Street)

With 2 central locations in the French Quarter this makes for a great alternative to Café Du Monde. So will you find the best beignets here? .

In my opinion the Beignets are a bit denser or doughier than the ones at Café Du Monde. Therefore, depending on how you like your dough will determine which beignet you like most. Some say they are the best beignets in the city and the place is definitely less crowded.

The Bourbon street location is larger Than the Royal Street location. Both have great European styled patios and serve a more extensive breakfast and lunch menu than the simple menu at Café Du Monde. Neither location is open 24 hrs so please refer to their website for times of operation.

TIP – the Bourbon street location has live music daily with The Steam Boat Willie Jazz Band playing nightly starting at 6pm at the Bourbon location.


Morning Call in City Park
Morning Call in City Park

Morning Call (56 Dreyfous Dr, City Park)

You will have to head outside the city to enjoy this fabulous place which has some of the best beignets in all of New Orleans. Located in City Park near the fantastic NOMA Museum Morning Call is the most scenic of the 3 options. It is also the least crowded and my favorite of all locations I went to.

You may think it is too much of a hassle to get there. However, it really is quite easy. You can bike up Esplanade Ave or you can take the Canal Street Car.  This location is open 24 hr a day and serves other traditional New Orleans  treats beside beignets. It is however a cash only place so keep that in mind.

Best Beignets from Morning Call
Beignets from Morning Call

As far as the Beignets go I think these were the crispiest and maybe a bit lighter and fluffier. Does that make them the best beignets? That will be up to you to decide. I like that you can order them naked without sugar and add your own sugar at the table. And I really liked the friendly service at this location. For More information on City Park and Morning Call click here. 

TIP- This is the perfect place for families. There is a children’s playground next door and for those who like art a visit to the NOMA Museum and Sculpture Garden is a must.

Now that you have stuffed yourself with delicious beignets it is time to venture outside of the city to walk it off.   Give your sweet tooth a break and visit one of the many Plantations that are such a big part of history in the Bayou.  Oak Alley and Laura Plantation are just two samples and they are both very different and worth a visit.


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Have you been to NOLA? What is your favorite place for beignets? Would love to hear from you in the comments below or get social with me on Instagram or Facebook

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  1. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never traveled to New Orleans or tried a beignet. I must be missing out! The pastry looks delightful but is it messy to eat? That powdered sugar looks like it could get everywhere!

    1. It is messy as hell but dunking them in the coffee helps. It does double duty sweetening the coffee and taking some of the sugar off the pastry to make it less messy. Just try not to inhale while you bite or it does up your nose 🙂

  2. I feel so unaware about so many dishes. I never knew about Beignets and these looks super tempting. Honestly I liked the morning call outlet with less crowd. I liked your tip that we can order without sugar because initially I was like – wooo that’s a lot of sugar ? but if we have the choice of adding according to our taste then it’s really great.

    1. Yes that one is my favorite as well. I like the setting the most and the lack of crowds. And definitely ordering them without sugar is the way to go and just add it to your taste. They are a hot plate of goodness.

  3. To date, I have never tried a beignet. It does sound yummy but probably not greatb for the diet. I would probably try the lighter, fluffier type and my favorite location would be at the museum. It just looks more inviting and am super impressed they are open 24 hours.

    1. Yes that location is my favorite as well and they let you order them there with the sugar so you can add it to taste and save some of the calories. You do walk a lot in the city so that helps burn off some of that extra sugar.

  4. Oh yes, beignets – if there is another reason I’ve wanted to go to New Orleans this is the one. I have heard a lot about Cafe Du Monde. Hence, that is probably number one on my list. And to know it is open 24/7 is amazing – you can go anytime you have beignet cravings. Ha!

    1. Yes I love some of these places are open 24/7 I actually went really early one day and that is the best to avoid crowds. Plus the city is so nice when everyone else is sleeping. Hope you go and get to enjoy all the city has to offer including some warm and sweet beignets.

  5. Yum, these beignets look so delicious, and moreish too. I’d love to visit New Orleans one day, so I’ll definitely remember these places. Good tip about the live music daily. Music and beignets sound pretty much perfect.

  6. Another must do when in New Orleans gonna save this for future reference. We hadn’t heard of beignets until this post. The beignets sound yum and delicious and would love to try them. The Morning Call looks like an awesome place.

    1. It really amazes me to learn that others have not heard of beignets. So glad I could share about them so more people can try them one day. Hope you like them when you try them

  7. Cool post Jo, the only one we didn’t visit was Café Beignet. Love how Cafe Du Monde is open 24/7 so you can enjoy these delights anytime you want, I had mine with an ice cold chocolate milk, perfect!!

  8. I have never heard of Beignets before but wow do they look AMAZING! would definitely like to work my way around the different restaurants trying these! Thanks for sharing!

    1. So surprised with how many people have never heard of beignets. It is a staple in New Orleans and I hope you get to try them one day and then report back and let me know what you think

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