Best Underrated Destinations to Visit as Selected by Travel Bloggers

Traveling has always been one of my favorite things to do. Exploring new places, experiencing the culture, food and meeting the people. All of it is thrilling to me.  But one thing I have never been a fan of is crowds. And many of the most popular destinations, while amazing, tend to be very crowded. So I am always looking for underrated destinations to visit.

What do I mean by underrated destinations? These are places that are incredible to visit but are a bit more off the beaten path. That receive many less visitors a year than popular places like Paris with close to 20 million visiting yearly.

So I asked a few of my travel blogger friends to share their favorite underrated destinations and why you should visit them. So if you like to travel and see amazing places but would rather avoid the masses here are 13 underrated destinations (in no particular order) that you should visit as recommended by travel bloggers:

Bulgaria by SvetDimitrov

Underrated destinations Bulgaria
Image by Svet Dimitrov

Jaw-dropping landscapes and enthralling sea views, fascinating history and captivating dances, delectable cuisine and palatable wines – Bulgaria has it all and more.

Located in Eastern Europe, the Black Sea washes the country’s majestic coasts and smiles at its drop-dead gorgeous, golden beaches.

If you are more into mountains, you’d bе excited to hear Bulgaria teems with them.

Spa anyone? The country comes second only after Iceland in terms of the abundance and diversity of hot, mineral springs. And since Iceland is “icy” most of the time, Velingrad, lately known as “The Spa Capital of the Balkans”, is a much wiser choice for your next spa escapade. And it’s much more affordable, too!

In fact, the country is among the most affordable countries in Europe. In the last couple of years, it is enjoying a steady increase in visitors, so don’t wait too long and hop on the next flight to this Balkan gem.

Bulgaria looks forward to mesmerising you. Do you dare immerse in its enchanting beauties?


Bosnia by WanderingRedhead

Underrated Destinations - Bosnia
Image by Cherene Saradar

Bosnia is seriously underrated and one of Europe’s best kept secrets. People may associate Bosnia with the horrific Balkans war of the 1990’s but that is the past.  It gets less than half the tourists as its popular neighbor, Croatia, perhaps because it doesn’t have that sexy coast-line. What Bosnia does have is warm inviting people, rich history and culture, stunning countryside, delicious food and a vibrant capital city. Not to mention lower prices. Did I mention the food?

Mostar and its famous bridge can be visited as a day trip from Dubrovnik, but this charming place deserves more time. The Herzegovina region has ancient cities and pristine waterfalls, all with very few tourists mucking it up. Sarajevo, is infinitely interesting with it’s intriguing mix of East meets West…Istanbul meets Vienna. The hauntings of the past are there, including bullet holes in buildings, a reminder of the grisly siege, one of the longest in European history. History buffs will revel visiting the sight of the famous assassination that started World War I. Religious tolerance is notable here; a mosque, a synagogue, a Catholic cathedral and a Serbian Orthodox church all within blocks of each other. You won’t regret visiting Bosnia!


Ljubljana, Slovenia by  RebeccaSnyder

underrated destination - Slovenia
Image by Rebecca Snyder

The capital of Slovenia is always a must-stop on any trip through this small county, but why is it underrated? Most people give Slovenia’s capital city a quick couple of nights and then move on to their next destination, and while it’s true that you can do the most popular tourist activities in a day or two, Ljubljana makes a terrific base for day trips to castles, caves, and medieval towns all within an hour’s drive from the city.

The small city is a delightful surprise to most visitors, there’s plenty to see for a few days – walking tours, exploring the castle, the unique architecture, a quirky neighborhood – but it also makes a perfect home to come back to after an adventurous day of exploring the countryside of Slovenia. Back to stroll the beautiful banks of the river in the pedestrianized center, drop in to relax at one of the riverside cafés, or dine in one of the many top restaurants. A perfect way to end every day are the magical nights in lovely Ljubljana.


Ghent, Belgium by Jagabond

underrated destinations - Ghent Belgium
Image by Andrew McGregor

When people think of Belgium, they think of Brussels, masculine land of strong beer and fried potatoes, or maybe Bruges, a fairytale city loaded with romantic canals and friendly swans. I offer up Ghent as an alternative, which is a perfect blend of everything good in Belgium.

Here you can admire the most amazing medieval view in Europe, standing on the St. Michael’s Bridge facing three wonderfully historic buildings. One of these buildings, St. Bavo’s Cathedral, houses the artistic masterpiece ‘The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’. Cafes and pubs line Graslei and Kornlei, the old port area now occupied mostly by vibrant youths. Like castles? Visit Gravensteen in the city centre, where you can catch great views of Ghent and take your picture sitting on a throne.

July is the best month to visit, with the jazz festival immediately followed by the wild and crazy Gentse Feesten. For budget travelers, Hostel Uppelink is a nice lodging option in an ideal location.


Lucerne, Switzerland by mscgerber

Underrate destinations Lucern
Image by Michael Gerber

At first sight Lucerne might seem like a normal European city with it’s wonderful oldtown and history and offering everything that you might expect from a small European town.

However, in my opinion, Lucerne is one of the best places in the world. It is located directly next to the “Vierwaldstättersee”, one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Europe. And being surrounded by the Swiss Alps you can take a short train ride to enjoy a breathtaking view from one of the several summits.  Not only will you witness the natural beauty of Switzerland, you can combine it with a lovely hike in summer or try to ski in winter.

Lucerne also offers amazing Swiss food: With “Aeschbacher” and “Läderach” two of the best producers of chocolate selling their delicious products in Lucerne.

My secret recommendation: Stay overnight on the “Rigi” (Queen of the mountains) and enjoy the sunrise in the morning. You will never forget that moment.


Serifos, Greece by BRBtravelblog

underrated destination -Serifos, Greece
Image by Melanie

Did you know that 10,000 tourists are visiting Santorini every day? If you are looking to avoid the sea of tourists looping between Santorini, Naxos & Hydra and want to find a quieter place, then head to Serifos instead. It is the perfect mix of traditional architecture & untouched nature.

Located in the west of the Cyclades, only 3 hours away from Athens by speedboat, this hidden gem is perfect for a day trip or a weekend getaway, if you wish to relax and enjoy the Greek life. The charming island is full of white and blue houses, old windmills, churches with blue domes and has authentic cuisine and beautiful beaches.

Chora, the capital, is situated at the top of the hill and gives you breathtaking views of the island and the Aegean Sea. The mountains and their arid landscapes offer a perfect contrast with the blue waters and the white architecture. The island has several small towns, all easily accessible by bus, hiking or by car.

Rich in history, Serifos is known for its mining strike at the beginning of
the century. Now abandoned, the area around the mines provides surreal hikes with amazing viewpoints mixing nature and rusted mining bridges as well as rail cars.


Kiev, Ukraine by MakeTravelCount

Underrate destination - Kiev, Ukraine
Image by Scott and Janie

If you want to see history in the making, go to Kiev, Ukraine. Although Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, dating back to 5th century, it is finally forming an identity of its own after years of Russian rule.

The Ukrainian people are friendly, warm and very patriotic to their new country. There are signs in the metro reminding the local people to speak Ukrainian, not Russian. But I promise you will find enough locals who speak English to  make it easy to get around. Oh, and Uber is exceptionally inexpensive in this city. Most rides in town were about $2.

Reasons to go to Kiev:

  • Golden onion-domed churches
  • Grandboulevards
  • Andriyivsky Descent – a Montmartre-like street with local artisans
  • Beasarabsky Market – historic market selling beautiful produce and caviar
  • Green parks and famous old fountains
  • Depest metro station in the world – 345ft (105 meters) below ground
  • Affordable – one of the least expensive capital cities in Europe
  • Very few tourists
  • Delicious hipster restaurants

Kingdom of Mourne, Northern Ireland by BayBreezing

Image by Nigel Kane

About 30 miles south of Belfast and not far from the border of the Republic of Ireland is an area of County Down know as the Kingdom of Mourne. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty and it has even been proposed to turn it into Northern Irelands first national park.

Here you will find Slieve Donard the highest peak in Northern Ireland. The surrounding Mourne Mountains sweep down to the sea and were the subject of a famous song praising their beauty. Wonderful forest parks can be found throughout the area such as Tollymore and Rostrevor and deep in the mountains there is the Silent Valley with its reservoirs, rivers and hiking trails.

If you like castles then the village of Dundrum has it’s very own 12th century castle with some of the best views in the country. The small seaside town of Newcastle has a variety of cafés, restaurants and traditional Irish pubs as well as accommodation ranging from the humble bed and breakfast up to the 4 star Slieve Donard Hotel & Spa. Our favourite walk is along the nearby beach and nature reserve at Murlough Bay National Nature Reserve.


Etretat, France by TravelVoila

Image by Don

Etretat is best known for its cliffs and the 3 natural arches. Located approximate 200km drive from Paris, you can easily add it on to a route from Mont Saint Michel back to Paris.

If in the Normandy region this is a must see destination. It is a breathtaking 20 to 30 mins hike on top of the cliffs, overseeing the rest of the coast line. Once on top, you will be rewarded with the scenic view. The wind blows, the waves splash, and the seagulls squawk.

Be sure to spend at least 2-3 hours in this area. The best time to go is near sunset. July to September has the most parking available. And after 7pm it is free to park.


Havana, Cuba by AbsoluteWanderlust

Underrated destination - Cuba
Image by Priti

Cuba, it’s a pretty controversial place.  However,  that didn’t stop us adding it to our travel list for 2016.  And even though we were only able to stay in this eye opening country for four days, we absolutely loved it… I think I can go as far as saying it was our favourite destination last year!

Due to the short stay, we spent all our time in Havana. This city seduces visitors with its beautiful buildings, Cuban beats and steamy weather. It’s one of the most thrilling, confusing and compelling places you’ll ever visit!. While your first impressions may be of chaos and dismay, you’ll fall in love with the rich history and simplistic lifestyle.

I highly recommend experiencing Havana as authentically as possible. Talk to the locals and live and eat local if you can!


Jordan by TravelLikeaChieff

Underrated destination - Jordan
Image by Pamela

In all honesty, I did not have high expectations for Jordan.  And with everything going on in the middle east I felt a little uneasy about traveling to a country surrounded by instability. That said, my ignorance and lack of expectations were quickly overturned shortly after we arrived. There are so many reasons to visit Jordan. Hopefully I can inspire you to travel to this beautiful country.

Jerash Ruins Of Jordan – Where archeologists have found the ruins of settlements dating back to the Neolithic Age.

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar & Dead Sea – Float in the dead sea, the lowest place on earth at 400 meters below sea level, and stay at a luxury hotel. 

Scenic Drives and Quirky Stops Visit the smallest hotel in the world, stop at Fifa view, admire the red rocks and canyons along the way.

The Lost City of Petra A.k.a. the Rose-Red City, was declared a UNESCO World World Heritage site and named one of the new 7 wonders of the world.

Wadi Rum – Drive through narrow canyons, towering cliffs, massive landslides and grottos. Try Glamping at the Discovery Bedu Camp.


Tellaro, Italy by MelBTravel

Underrated destinations - Teller Italy
Image by Mel

They say the best kept secret destinations to visit are usually known by the locals. So when I was visiting friends in Lerici and they took me sailing on their yacht, I was not expecting what they were about to show me.

Perched on a cliff along the Ligurian coast of La Spezia, was a picturesque small village of Tellaro. It’s colored buildings worn by the sun and the sea cocoon the small harbor that opens into the ocean.  I automatically think of Cinque Terre and wonder why I had not heard of this beautiful place.

Legend has it that centuries ago, Tellaro was fodder for pirate pillaging.  To protect the village and warn the locals of pirates arriving, a guard was placed in the church tower to ring the bell. One fateful night the guard on duty had fallen asleep as pirates approached the village. Tellaro’s protector, a giant octopus, sprung from the sea and climbed the church tower to ring the bells to alert the villagers, who were able to escape. As a respect to local folklore a  “Festival of the Octopus”, takes place every year on the second Sunday in August to commemorate this story.


My pick – The Faroe Islands

Tjørnuvík in the Faroes
Image by Kristy Ashton

I had a difficult time choosing a destination. Usually Scotland is top of mind for me. But I was recently introduced to The Faroe Islands and I felt it rightly deserved a spot as one of the best underrated destinations you should visit right now.  The Faroe Islands are still a hidden gem that are unspoiled and delightfully uncrowded. The biggest population at the moment is actually sheep.

The Faroes will enchant you with its picturesque villages, rugged landscapes, friendly people and high quality farm to table cuisine. And the views are simply epic.  Come discover for yourself, a hidden treasure of unspoiled landscapes  that awaits you on your visit to the Faroes.


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13 Underrated Destination to Visit

So next time you are looking to plan a vacation I hope we were able to inspire you to look past London, Paris or Rome and set your sights on one of these 13 underrated destinations instead.

Which one of these underrated destinations will you visit next? Or tell me what your favorite underrated destination is? Would love to hear from you in a comment below. Or lets get social on Instagram or Facebook

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  1. Ah, this is a great compilation. I’ve been to some of these, besides my own country, but I need to explore so much more. I’d love to discover Kiev in more detail, for instance. Or sip rum in Havana.

    Thank you for having me, Jo! <3

  2. Awesome suggestions from everyone!

    I’ve seen some of the places on the list, while others I still need to explore. Thanks for giving me such great trip ideas 🙂


  3. I can understand why you went to the Faroe Islands, they seem so peaceful and remote. Ljubljana really interests me as I’ve heard good things from other travellers. Bosnia too is on my list, just so picturesque 🙂

    1. I honestly do not think you can go wrong with any of these. Each one is beautiful and unique in its own way. Happy travels!!!

  4. What a great list you have put together there and thank you for letting me be apart of it. It is inspirational. I have bee to a few of these already and this post reminded me why I liked them. I am definitely keen to head to The Faroe Islands and Kiev, Ukraine which has been on my bucketlist for a while now.

    1. The Faroes are very high on my list. I was privileged to write about it as seen through some of my friends eyes. Hope we both get to go soon.

  5. Some of these places I know and love. But, Serifos is a real gem – you are right that it looks every bit as magical as Mykonos or Santorini. I’d love to visit the Faroe Islands too…

  6. Great list! I always say the best way to see a country is by road tripping through it. We saw so many cute villages just by doing a European road trip. People tend to stick to the popular cities, but there is so much to see!

    1. I agree. And if you can slow travel even better. I know we don’t all have that ability but you can really experience more that way.

  7. Great compilation of posts! I really enjoyed the various perspective of various experts world travelers. From the entire list, I’ve only been to Cuba.Thank you for sharing! – Mariella

  8. This is such a useful list from real bloggers who travel to unique places. I’ve been to a few of these places and Havana is my favourite, followed by Kiev. One place I’ve not been to is the Faroe Islands, I live so close but have never been!

    1. You really must add the Faroes and visit before it becomes a huge travel destination. Part of its charm is that it is pristine and not crowded. Its not as hard to get there now so hopefully you will visit soon.

  9. Such a great list! I have visited Ghent and Lucerne. They are so beautiful places, and I’m surprised that they are underestimated since there were a lot of tourists there.

    1. Some are starting to become a bit more popular but they are definitely not as common as other options in Europe and I think they certainly deserve the love and attention. Although its a double edged sword the more we talk about them the more popular they become and the more crowded. Which then makes me think I should keep the secret.

  10. What a lovely compilation of some of the most amazing destinations around the world. Its a pity they are not admired to their full potential but in a way, they remain so. How else would people like me who love less crowd enjoy them 🙂 I m bookmarking this post for future reference.

  11. wow I haven’t been to all these places! Probably because I haven’t explored much of Europe. Bulgaria sounds up my alley because of all these natural hot springs!!

  12. That is a lovely compilation. I tend to agree with quite a few of these. I would love to do Ghent instead of Brussels the next time in Belgium and Kiev has been on my list for long. I like the idea of Bosnia too. Thanks for sharing these.

  13. This is a brilliant idea for a post Jo! I’ve enjoyed learning about some new travel blogs and I’m inspired to go to all these places, even the ones I’ve already been to. I’m especially intrigued by Serifos to see Greece without the crowds. Thank you for including me in your post.

    1. Thank you so much for participating and providing your insight on a fantastic underrated destination. Hoping this inspires many for future travels. Thanks again.

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