Blowing Rocks Preserve – Florida’s Rugged and Wild Coastline

When I think of Florida I think of turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. But along the east coast of Florida, near the famed Jupiter Lighthouse, is Blowing Rocks Preserve. A beach like no other in Florida.  At Blowing Rocks Preserve you will find a wild natural beach with dark sand and rugged coastline. A coast line that I imagine to find in Hawaii rather than Florida. So if you want to see something different when visiting the sunshine state, head to Blowing Rocks preserve for a treat that will literally blow you out of the water.

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Blowing Rocks Preserve is an environmental preserve owned by The Nature Conservancy. It is located on Jupiter Island in Hobe Sound. The rock formations are the largest Anastasia limestone outcropping on the state’s east coast. And in my opinion, Blowing Rocks Preserve is a true gem and worth a visit for the scenic views alone.

But Blowing Rocks Preserve provides much more than just pretty views. Depending on the time you visit the experience can be quite thrilling.

During low tide you can walk below the cliff like rocks and see the little nooks and crannies the ocean has carved.  Since we arrived when tide was still coming in we got the opportunity to walk along the sand and see the rock formations from the bottom.  It was quite a different site than any other beach I have ever visited in Florida.

Tip – Tide comes in pretty quick and the waves can be dangerous.  Make sure not to be caught beneath the rocks when that happens.  My daughter got hit by a wave and it dragged her in between two rocks where thankfully she was wedged and it prevented her from being dragged into sea. Accidents can happen quickly so just be safe.

During high tide the waves can come crashing strong enough to create the spectacle the park derived its name from. At this time you can no longer walk along the sand below the rocks as the waves can crash with such force that the activity would become dangerous. But watching the waves crash and “blow” up through the rocks can be a fun activity for the entire family. A few soakings should be expected so make sure you are ready for it.


If you are able to plan in advance try to arrive during low tide and stay long enough to experience high tide then you will get the best of both worlds.

Here are a few tips and good to know information:

  • You can join a 40-minute guided nature walk each Sunday morning at 11 a.m.
  • Restrooms and water fountains are available at the education center.
  • Check out the tide schedule to maximize your visit.
  • Parking is free but limited and no parking is allowed on the roadside.
  • Rocks are jagged and very sharp. Make sure to have protective footwear.
  • Bring your camera. However please note that professional photography is by prior authorization only. No drones allowed.

Blowing Rocks Preserve Address

Blowing Rocks Preserve
574 South Beach Road
Hobe Sound, FL 33455-2804

Activities near Blowing Rocks Preserve

  • Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum – you can actually climb this lighthouse and tours are available. For more information click here.
  • Jonathan Dickinson State Park – for camping, canoeing, kayaking, trails and other outdoor activities. For more park information click here.
  • Riverbend Park –  great for fishing, biking and kayaking as well as other outdoor activities. For additional park information click here.

Where to eat

Nothing beats lunch with a view and this place offers great food, good atmosphere and a view to remember. Head to U-Tiki bar and enjoy.

Another great option is Square Grouper Tiki Bar they have a reasonably priced menu and good drinks. They have also been featured in several music videos including Alan Jackson’s hit “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere” with Jimmy Buffett.


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  1. Wow! I live in Tampa, FL and this is the first time I have heard of this. I love that it is so different from the normal (yet beautiful) beaches of Florida. Good to know that parking is limited and professional photography needs prior authorization. I wonder if taking blogging pics is considered professional photography.

    1. Pictures for blogging is ok. I took mine no issues. It is really for commercial use and I think they worry most about drones. Glad I helped you discover a new place in Florida.

    1. Oh I would love to learn more about it. I loved Australia when I visited for my Honeymoon and would love to return.

  2. I haven’t heard of Blowing Rocks Reserve before. But would love to check it out. I love strange and rocky places. I will not forget to check it out when I go to Florida. Thank you for including great information about parking and where to eat etc.

    1. It is always fun to find places that are a bit out of the norm. Hope you enjoy your visit to Blowing Rocks Preserve one day.

  3. This is so cool! The photos of standing on top of the rock looks more like Hawaii than Florida! I love the video! So much fun! I can’t wait to go here!

    1. Yes I agree Hawaii is more like it but fortunately I do not have to travel that far to see this beauty. Hope you get to visit.

  4. Omg I’m glad your daughter is okay! These are the kinds of places I look for when traveling. I had no idea Florida had something like this. I am adding this to my list of places for sure.

    There is a cave in California I tired to visit that also depended on low and high tide but we couldn’t ever get there during low tide because it was in a closed off park and low tide was always when the park was closed!

    1. How interesting about the park in California. I wonder how the expected people to visit. Glad you liked the post and hope you get to visit on your next trip to Florida.

  5. Riptides are the scariest things ever! My sister got dragged out in a riptide in Portugal and almost died, so so scary! I’m not a big fan of black sand beaches, but I do want to see the beaches of Iceland that have that really dark black sand.

    1. Oh my glad she was OK but yes the riptides can be very scary. I also wish to visit Iceland and the black beaches there.

  6. Blowing Rocks Preserve looks stunning. The rock formations have a kind of wild beauty. The tip about planning to be there to view the beauty of the place during low and high tides is to be kept in mind. The place surely showcases nature at its best.

  7. Beautiful rock formation while serving their real purpose. The rocks looks like a great spot to have a photo shoot. It also looks like it has a sharp edges and beautiful at their own right. Thank you for providing some great tips like where to eat and other activities to try and explore. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  8. While I love white sandy beaches, a more dramatic coastline is hard to beat. I had no idea that there were beaches like this in Florida! I’m glad your daughter didn’t get dragged out after getting caught in the water! So scary!

    1. Yes I honestly prefer our beautiful white sand calm beaches on the gulf coast but this is a great fun find in S Florida and not something you see here everywhere.

    1. It really is. So different that what you normally see here and it is that difference that really attracted me to it. I absolutely loved it and think it is a must visit.

    1. I love the West Coast of Florida. Naples is my happy place and we go there often. The east coast is so different and especially this particular beach. It is worth a visit for sure.

  9. Looks like a gorgeous spot! I completely agree and never would have guessed this was in Florida. Do happen to know the drive distance from Jacksonville?

    1. It is about 4 hr drive give or take from Jacksonville. It would be a very long day trip. I would either stay over night or combine it with a visit to other places in the area and do a weekend trip.

  10. Oh! this is crazy. Look at those rock formation, they are marvelous. And that short video in between has made it much more interesting. I would love visiting and exploring this place. Thanks for sharing.

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