Checking in – Isle of Skye. Three nights at Garalapin House

Skye was one of the places on my Scotland adventure that I was looking forward to the most.  I spent significant time researching the ideal location to stay in and had a pretty long list of requirements for what would be my ideal home base for 3 nights.  It was important to us to find a place that was centrally located but still outside of a main town. We wanted to enjoy the countryside views with accessibility to town for gas and food. I wanted to stay at a B&B, but it needed to be family friendly.  Do you know how hard it is to find a place in Skye that has a family room for 4 people?  After much research and deliberation I decided to book my stay at Garalapin House and here is what you can expect:

The booking process

I am a research nut and spent countless hours reading reviews and looking at maps and finding the perfect place.  Once I selected the Garalapin House the booking process was very easy.  I sent an email to the lovely family who own the place (Sam and Clive) asking about availability and cost for the dates we would be there.  They were very responsive to my emails and answered every question I had and just a few short days later they had secured my spot for my holiday.

TIP: I highly recommend that you book your stay as far in advance as you can. Especially if you are a family looking for a family room.  There are not many family rooms that fit 4 together so securing the room early is highly recommended.


Cost and payment process

As most B&B’s the cost is per person not per room. However, children stay at a reduced rate. It is already reasonably priced but the reduced child rate makes the stay an ever greater value for families.  I did quite a bit of price comparison and the Garalapin House stood out as best value compared to other B&B’s in the area.

Reserving and paying for my stay was very easy.  I simply secured my reservation with a deposit via paypal and the balance was paid in cash at checkout.

TIP:  No credit card payments are accepted (at least for now) so be sure to have cash with you to pay the balance.



The location of Garalapin House could not have been any more perfect.  It made for a great central base to explore the rest of Skye. It is only a 5 minute drive to Portree but I felt like I was miles away. So serene and peaceful and you could see the horses and sheep and wildlife all around you.  It was like having my own slice of country paradise with easy city access.

It provided great access to some of my favorite hikes in the area. Check out five of the best hikes in Skye and enjoy all the beauty it has to offer.


Garalapin House has 2 rooms.  If you are looking for luxury you won’t find it here.  You will find instead well-appointed rooms that are comfortable and have a homey feel.

Room 1 –  The Family Room

This is the room we stayed in.  It is a nice size room with a King size bed and a bunk bed.  It has a TV, a radio clock, good wifi, a little section within the room for tea and biscuits, some books and games.  The bathroom for this room is right outside the room. It is a private bathroom reserved for the use of the Family room only. The bathroom is well equipped. It has fresh towels and a heating rack for them, a hairdryer and other amenities.

Room 2 –  The Double Room

The second room has a double bed and a bathroom inside the room.  I do not have much details as I was not able to view it. However, the people that were staying there told me they enjoyed their stay very much.


The breakfast

All I can say is WOW!!! We had an amazing spread for breakfast each morning.  Each night you select from their menu the items you wish to have for breakfast and the time you want your breakfast served. Everything is fresh and tasty. The amount of food you receive is enough to give you energy for the hikes you are sure to do during the day.

You also get plenty of fresh coffee and/or tea. Aside from the food that is lovingly delivered to you each morning you also have a spread of cereals, fruit, granola, yogurts, juice and some other small items that you can choose from. I promise you won’t go hungry here. Garalapin House serves an amazing Scottish breakfast.

For the children

One of the most special things about Garalapin house is that they cater so well to the children. There is a nice swing set and trampoline in the yard and they are happy to allow the kids to use it.

The most special thing about our stay was that each morning my girls were given bread to feed the chickens.  This is something they never get to do at home and it quickly became something they looked forward to do each morning. A great experience and memory they will cherish for a long time.


Garalapin house is one of the best B&B’s I have ever stayed in.  It is not the most luxurious but what they lack in luxury they make up for in character and friendliness. It was not only the perfect base to explore Skye but it was truly a home away from home.  I am very happy our family chose to stay at Garalappin house.

Skye was one of the best places I visited while in Scotland for more reasons to visit check out this post or view my entire itinerary here.


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Have you been to or are you planning a trip to Scotland?  Let me know what you are looking forward to the most or what your favorite part of Scotland is?  Drop me a note in the comments below or let’s get social on Instagram or Facebook.

Some notes:  I was not compensated in any way for this review of Garalapin House. This review is my own personal opinion and based on my personal experience while I stayed there. Your experience and opinion may vary from mine.


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  1. Loving all of your detailed Scotland posts!! My husband and I will be visiting for 9 days in May, and your posts have been incredibly helpful (and your photos are stunning!). A huge thank you for your willingness to give such detail on your trip. 🙂

    1. Ashley – it is my pleasure and feel free to email me if you want more suggestions or need anything. Scotland is a dream and you and your husband will love it.

    1. It was the perfect B&B for us. Breakfast was wonderful and they were child friendly. Could not have asked for more really.

  2. Jo, WOW!! thank you so much for your kind words about you’re stay at Garalapin House. It was lovely to meet you and your family and delighted you enjoyed your stay with us and your time on Skye. Love reading your blog. Best wishes to you and your family, Sam @Garalapin House B&B

    1. Hi Sam – it is my pleasure. We truly enjoyed our stay with you and on Skye. I have been telling a few of my friends from Scotland all about it. Hopefully you will have some of them stay with you as well. Glad you have been enjoying the blog. If we ever return to Scotland and Skye I will be staying with you again. Best regards and I hope you have a great season.

  3. I have always wanted to visit Sky. One day I’m actually going to take the Scotland road trip I have been planning in my head for the past 10 years! I love the images of the ponies in your post, thats what comes to my mind whenever I think of Sky 🙂

    1. Claire – Scotland is amazing. You should check out my 10 day road trip itinerary. It should give you plenty of ideas. Hope you like it

  4. This area of the world looks so beautiful! I’m curious though, is there a reason why you booked directly with the B&B instead of a booking site? I never really research outside of those kind of sites since they are so easy, so just wondering. You mention it just outside of town, so do you need a car if you are staying there?

    1. Hi Jessica – I did a lot of research and few places had family rooms. Many of the ones that do you have to book directly through them. This place had great reviews on trip advisor but you won’t find them on a booking site. I had many communications with the owners and they were so helpful and friendly so I took the chance and glad I did. Skye is pretty rural and if you want to see the real beauty and explore you will need a car. hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  5. Oh, wow, those pictures of sheep and horses are so gorgeous! The animals are so cute and the views so breathtaking. The Garalapin House looks comfy and welcoming. Would love to visit some day!

    1. Skye is a dream. One of the most magical places I have visited. You should definitely put it on your travel list.

  6. This place looks so homey! It’s funny to me that you have to pay in cash because it seems outdated but makes sense for a small time operation. I love the photos of the animals. So cute!

    1. Hi Sarah – many of the B&B’s there are like that. Skye is pretty rural so the practice is pretty common. It was strange for me as well and it is very trusting of the owners because you don’t pay until you leave.

  7. I am so happy to read your review of Garalapin House. I love supporting small businesses and homestays are the best. I noticed you weren’t comp’ed and I never even ask homestays to comp me but write about them in any case – esp if I love them. This reminds me of my farmstay in a remote village of India surrounded by mountains and pristine beauty – it was love at first sight 🙂 I am probably heading to Skye soon too …

    1. Hi Jo – You will find many beautiful B&B in Skye and I highly recommend you stay in one. They have all types from luxury ones to family ones like this one. These people live on that business so do all the small restaurants and shops. I like you love supporting that. I am sure you will love Skye.

  8. What a cute and cozy little B&B! I’ve never been to Scotland but Skye looks like a very relaxing place, especially with the animals running around. Good on you for supporting locals 🙂

    1. Ivy – I love supporting local and small businesses and Scotland is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend you put it on your travel bucket list. Let me know if you need any suggestions.

  9. Aww that looks like such a cute place! I have only been to Edinburgh in Scotland, and would love to get up to the islands like Skye & Shetland. Those ponies are gorgeous, and that breakfast looks delicious! Sometimes you don’t need luxury, just good a old fashioned home breakfast 🙂

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