A Day at The Fair

When I think of the Fair, for some reason Charlotte’s web comes to mind. Remember that scene in the movie where the rat, Templeton, sings about the fair to Wilbur? That is what I picture when I hear the word Fair. Not only that, I also hear the song over and over in my mind:

A fair is a veritable smorgasbord orgasbord orgasbord
After the crowds have ceased
Each night when the lights go out
It can be found on the ground all around
Oh, what a ratly feast!

Well Templeton is not all wrong. There is certainly plenty to do, and plenty to eat and drink at The Fair. This one happens to be an annual tradition for us and we look forward to it every year.

The Miami Dade County Fair and Exposition also known as the “Youth Fair” is located in Tamiami Park (Coral Way & SW 107th Ave). This Fair is the largest Fair in Florida. According to their website they hosted more than 653,000 guests in 2015. One of the things I love about this Fair is that you really get a lot for the price of your entrance ticket, and the ticket itself is affordable. General admission is only $10, and you can get discounted tickets or specials lowering your entry fee to $6. Children 5 years of age and under, as well as adults 65 or older are admitted FREE.


Tip: You can purchase all your tickets online and avoid the lines at the entrance to purchase your tickets.

Once inside there is something for everyone and much of it won’t cost you a thing. For the pig obsessed, like my eldest daughter Alana, the pig races are not to be missed. They also have petting zoos, a circus with great acrobats, a laser show, ice skating, dancing, and even live music concerts. I guarantee you will not be bored.

Rides at the Youth Fair




If you are a thrill seeker there are plenty of rides for you. These will cost you extra, and if you plan to ride a lot then your best bet is to purchase and all day ride pass for $25. You can also get tickets to play games and win those oversized stuffed animals.

Tip: If you can attend during the week you will miss most of the crowds. If you must attend during the weekend and you want to ride all the rides plan to arrive when the gates open and you will get most of them done before lunch. This is also a good strategy so you don’t lose your food on the ride – yuck.

Netterfields lemonade at the Fair

Attending this Fair is an annual family tradition for us. We go every year to celebrate my husband’s birthday and he gets to re-live his days as a carnie. Yup, he actually worked at the fair where he learned how to make cotton candy, candy apples, corn dogs and lemonade. That brings me to the FOOD.

Snacks at the Youth FairNo Fair visit is complete without some Fair food. Remember the song: “a fair is a veritable smorgasbord orgasbord orgasbord”. Trust me, this is not the place you want to be if you are on a diet. Almost everything you get is either fried or has sugar. At least all the good stuff is. We always make a stop for lunch at the Netterfields food court. I must have my corn dog and lemonade. And Netterfield’s has the best. We also always wind up with popcorn, candy apples, and cotton candy, some of which we take home because who can eat that much in one day.

If you are feeling more adventurous there are so many other award winning selections for you to choose from. Try some funnel bacon on a stick or how about a fire and ice – ice cream sundae.  Selections abound and I guarantee you won’t leave hungry.

In case you wanted to re-live Templeton song here you go

No mater your choices this will be a day you won’t soon forget. Happy Roving!!!

What do you enjoy to do at the Fair?

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