Back to the Past – An Afternoon at Oak Alley Plantation

When you think of southern grandeur it is easy to picture the beautiful Oak Alley Plantation. With its canopy of 28 Oak trees that form a path to the front of the “Big House” it looks like a scene straight out of Gone with the Wind. It may seem a very romantic setting. But its beauty also has a very dark past. A past that should not be hidden behind the beautiful façade. But for now let’s explore and learn more about Oak Alley and the life of those who owned it.

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A Guide to Haunted New Orleans – Discovering the Legends of America’s Most Haunted City

Haunted New Orleans and St. Louis Cathedral

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, walking through haunted New Orleans at night can feel a little spooky. We all know that New Orleans is the home of Mardi Gras, cajun food and jazz. But the Cresent City also has a dark side in its history which has made it notorious for its Legends and Paranormal Activity.

You can certainly explore the most haunted city in the United States on your own.  However, there is no better way to learn the history and dark stories that color the Big Easy than to take one of the famous French Quarter Ghost Tours. Come with me and let’s explore Haunted New Orleans.

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Blowing Rocks Preserve – Florida’s Rugged and Wild Coastline

When I think of Florida I think of turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. But along the east coast of Florida, near the famed Jupiter Lighthouse, is Blowing Rocks Preserve. A beach like no other in Florida.  At Blowing Rocks Preserve you will find a wild natural beach with dark sand and rugged coastline. A coast line that I imagine to find in Hawaii rather than Florida. So if you want to see something different when visiting the sunshine state, head to Blowing Rocks preserve for a treat that will literally blow you out of the water.

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5 things you must do on a day trip to Annapolis

I was visiting my best friend in the Rockville area of Maryland to celebrate her daughters Bat Mitzvah and I had a free day on Sunday. Since Annapolis was only about 1 hr drive away I decided it would make for a perfect day trip.  Actually, Annapolis makes a perfect getaway for anyone living or visiting Baltimore, MD, Washington D.C., Philadelphia or Richmond, VA.

Annapolis is a beautiful historic waterfront city that once enjoyed the spotlight as the Capital of the United States. Today, Annapolis it is the Capital of Maryland and the home of the United States Naval Academy. It also has beautiful old streets filled with boutiques, restaurants and cafes as well as incredible views of the Chesapeake Bay.  Read along for my list of must do’s on a day trip to charming Annapolis.

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City Guide – Edinburgh a guide for first timers

As the Capital of Scotland, Edinburgh is a very popular tourist destination.  But I can vouch that it is much more than that. Edinburgh is actually one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is a quaint mediaeval town with charming streets, good food and friendly people.

Did you know that Edinburgh was the first city to be called the UNESCO city of literature? As such it has a connection with the likes of J.K. Rowling, Robert Burns, Walter Scott and many others. Edinburgh is a must on any tour of Scotland and I sincerely hope I get to visit it again soon. Here is my guide to help you plan your visit.

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10 Scotland Instagram accounts you should follow

My love affair with Scotland began way before I set foot on its beautiful lands. But a year ago I was finally able to see in person the country that enchanted me in stories and pictures. And let me tell you it is more beautiful and magical than I could ever describe in words. I will leave you to discover its many castles, lakes, mountains, cities, and ever changing weather, through the eyes of some of the best Scotland Instagram accounts.

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What to do in Niagara Falls (Canada and USA)

Niagara Falls makes for a great family getaway. I should know as I recently came back from a wonderful 2 day visit. The views alone will take your breath away and you have countless memorable experiences for every age group to enjoy.

The difficult part is deciding what side (American or Canadian) you should visit. And deciding which attractions to spend your hard-earned money on.   I am hoping to show you options and let you draw your own conclusions.

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Into the Wild – Paddling the Everglades

Florida is full of beaches, amusement parks, and shopping. But, when was the last time you went into the wild and saw a different side of Florida? When was the last time you experienced something that left you in total amazement? My family and I had the privilege to do both this past weekend on a 3 hour kayaking tour in the everglades. I will show you how you can do this too and give yourself and/or your family a wild adventure to remember.

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A New York City Break – Two and a Half Days in the Big Apple

I grew up visiting the magnificent city of New York. My mom was born and raised in Brooklyn. Se took me many times to visit my Grandmother and my Aunt.  I consider myself lucky to have spent time visiting the many incredible museums, riding the subways, going to Broadway shows, gazing at the lights, playing in the parks and simply being surrounded by the sounds and feel of a the city that never sleeps.

I remember one of my last visits to New York like it was yesterday. It was the week before the towers fell. My husband and I rode the Staten Island Ferry. We enjoyed the beautiful New York City skyline on a perfect September day.  The skyline that unbeknownst to us would be forever changed.  So it was time, time to go back and re-experience the city.  Time to show my children the magic this city has. Time for a New York City break.

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Magical castles you should visit on your Scotland holiday

When you think about Scotland you undoubtedly think about the beautiful highland scenery, loch monsters, men in kilts  and the romantic and magical castles.  Well if you don’t then you should be thinking of all of the above.  Kidding aside, Scotland truly is a great country with a fascinating history.  This  history has left it filled with magical castles all across its landscape.  For me seeing them is like traveling through time and reliving part of the history through them.  So if like me you are a castle lover you are in luck as you will have over 2000 to chose from when you visit Scotland.  Here is a list of the lucky 13 I chose to explore in my recent 2 week road trip.

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